The Book

The person who takes the presidential oath of office on January 20, 2021—whether newly elected or reelected—will face an exceedingly complicated set of challenges and opportunities. In the midst of a global pandemic, an international order in flux, a society divided, an economy reeling from the aftermath of shutdowns and reopenings, and a constitutional order under strain, the federal government’s chief executive will need to set priorities and chart a path. What problems are most urgent and important? And what opportunities should the president make certain not to miss?

To take up these questions, the American Enterprise Institute called on
some of its leading scholars to take a broad view of the nation’s situation and offer the president advice. Their work will take the form of a collection of essays published before the election to avoid their falling into partisan terms: This is advice to whoever is our president next year, rooted in the situation our country faces rather than the chief executive’s ideology.

The volume is edited by Yuval Levin—director of Social, Cultural, and Constitutional Studies at AEI and editor of AEI’s National Affairs magazine—and
will feature nine essays.

Each essay will draw on a wealth of experience, prudence, and public-spiritedness. The collection as a whole, published in print and online in October, will help frame the policy and governance debates of the coming years and showcase the breadth and depth of AEI’s expertise.

About AEI

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